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    • 07 April 2024
    • 28 April 2024
    • 4 sessions
    • Zoom

    Join Mary Ann Evan and Linda Stufflebean for this 4-class series that will enable both beginners and more advanced genealogy researchers find success as they document their family history.

    Classes will be held on April 7, 14, 21, and 28th from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Eastern Time). All classes will be on Zoom.

    Class 1 looks at the basics for getting started – genealogy software on the market, how to organize information, and taking the first steps into family history research. Class 2 covers tips for successful research, plus an in-depth look at our unique Carpatho-Rusyn history and its records. Class 3 reviews the vast number of resources available online. Class 4 will be a special question & answer session with our instructors.

    Registration closes April 5th!

    Questions? Contact Sharon Jarrow: sjarrow@c-rs.org

    About our Instructors

    Linda Stufflebean has been researching her family history since 1979. Originally from Passaic, New Jersey, home to many Carpatho-Rusyn immigrants in the early 20th century, she moved westward to California in 1978. She became interested in her roots as a young adult, leading to many questions about her Rusyn paternal branch of the family tree as well as her maternal family representing colonial New England, Denmark and Sweden with a touch of Dutch in the mix, too. She has done professional genealogy work through the years, but prefers to volunteer her time doing presentations. After retiring from a long career in Special Education, Linda found she had lots of time to pursue her genealogy hobby and has taught her local in-person class, Anquestors, since 2010, in addition to being a member of multiple genealogical societies. Currently, she is the author of EmptyBranchesontheFamilyTree.com, a free daily genealogy blog.

    Mary Ann Evan got her start in genealogy by listening as a child in Cleveland to the stories her grandparents told about “the old country.” In the 1970s she began tracing their paths back to their ancestral villages in Poland, and has since then visited all four of those villages and has found living relatives in three of them. She has made research trips to other Eastern European countries, including Lithuania, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Mary Ann settled down in Washington DC after studying and working in Pennsylvania, California and Oregon. She is a longtime volunteer at the Washington, DC, Family Search Center, in Kensington, Maryland, where she is presently facilitating an Eastern European Special Interest Group, begun in 2014. Mary Ann loves to apply to genealogical research the analytical skills she used in her day job in Information Technology, the communication skills from two decades of teaching adults in a variety of settings, and the creativity and imagination she employs in her avocation as a writer.

    • 03 May 2024
    • https://c-rs.org/Anna-Donson-Memorial-Scholarship

    The Anna Donson Memorial Scholarship will be offered once again in 2024 to an outstanding student.

    The aim of the scholarship is to assist students who themselves are members of the Carpatho-Rusyn Society, or who would advance the Carpatho-Rusyn culture, language, or tenets of the Carpatho-Rusyn Society. The scholarship wishes to encourage and highlight the excellent contributions that our Carpatho-Rusyn people are making to their communities and beyond. The scholarship also intends to accelerate the advancement of our young Carpatho Rusyn population, expanding the development of our Carpatho-Rusyn citizens, within their community and state through higher education, advanced learning, and professional academic or vocational work.

    If you, or a student you know, would like to apply for the scholarship, see the Anna Donson Memorial Scholarship page on our website for full eligibility and application details: https://c-rs.org/Anna-Donson-Memorial-Scholarship. The application deadline is May 3rd.

    (Anna Donson  with Paula Donson, her first grandchild)

    • 16 May 2024
    • 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM (CDT)
    • https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83981516746

    Join Doma Dance Theater, and the Carpatho-Rusyn Society, for the virtual premiere of DDT's newest work, dance film "Mamko Moja L’uba"!

    Shot on location in Marine on St Croix, MN two women dance through a field, weaving around each other with steps derived from folk and contemporary dance vocabulary. Clad in costumes that reimagine elements of women’s wear from the Medzilaborce district, Bodnarchuk and collaborators explore their relationship with matrilineal lineage.

    The screening will be followed by a discussion with Doma’s choreographer Alexandra Bodnarchuk and C-RS President Emeritus John Righetti on the future of Carpatho-Rusyn dance. We hope to see you there — May 16th, 6:30 PM (Central Time) on Zoom (link below).

    RSVP is encouraged but not required. To RVSP, click here: https://c-rs.org/event-5693907

    Producer & Choreographer: Alexandra Bodnarchuk
    Co-Producer & Sound Designer: Brandon Musser
    Cinematographer & Editor: Arlo Myren
    Dancers: Sarah McCullough & Amanda Sachs
    Costume Designer: Jenny Hawkins-Hatch

    Click here to join the Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83981516746

Past events

16 March 2024 Sharing Easter Recipes and Pysanky
10 March 2024 What is Covering Your Easter Basket?
09 March 2024 Get Ready to Roll — Learn how to make mushroom holubky
28 December 2023 Learn about the Guba with Dr. Nicole Andel and Dr. Harold Aurand
02 December 2023 Meet The Author, with Dr. Paul Robert Magocsi
05 November 2023 C-RS Annual Meeting
29 October 2023 Commemorating Carpatho-Rusyn Day
29 October 2023 New Jersey Chapter Annual Heritage Celebration Dinner
26 October 2023 Virtual happy hour, honoring our Rusyn ancestors
26 October 2023 Southeastern States Celebrate Carpatho-Rusyn Day
23 October 2023 A Carpatho-Rusyn Seminar
21 October 2023 Sauerkraut (Kvasna Kapusta) Workshop
30 September 2023 8th Annual Genealogy and Heritage Conference
26 June 2023 A Glimpse into Our Own (Mythical?) Ancestral Carpathian Past: Researchers and Writers in a Liminal Space and Time
29 March 2023 The Beauty of the Carpathians
26 March 2023 C-RS NW Branch 5th Annual Pysanky Event
25 March 2023 Pysanky in Georgia
04 March 2023 Learn Carpatho-Rusyn Style Drop-Pull Pysanky
27 February 2023 Genealogy Chat N Learn - Let's Play the 20 Questions Game
25 January 2023 "Let's Talk Rusyn Genealogy" Chat & Learn: What Your Ancestor's Obituary and Death Record Can Tell You About Them and Their Family
18 January 2023 I Lived in 5 Countries and Never Moved – A Tale of a Carpatho-Rusyn Family
12 December 2022 Personal Views of Rusyn Christmas: How Rusyn Holiday Traditions Came to Life in the US
30 November 2022 Beyond Your Immediate Family: How Other Family Members and Friends Can Inform the Lives of Your Direct Ancestors
30 October 2022 Carpatho-Rusyn Society National Capital Branch is Celebrating Carpatho-Rusyn Day!
30 October 2022 Carpatho-Rusyn Day in Alabama
29 October 2022 Carpatho-Rusyn Day in Clermont, FL
29 October 2022 Carpatho-Rusyn Day in Jacksonville, FL
29 October 2022 Lake Michigan Chapter Celebrates Carpatho-Rusyn Day
26 October 2022 Carpatho-Rusyn Society/ Pacific Coast Branch Celebrates Carpatho-Rusyn Day
26 October 2022 How One Rusyn Helped Shape The World: Gregory Ignatius Zhatkovych
26 October 2022 Carpatho-Rusyn Day in Bluffton, SC
26 October 2022 Cleveland Chapter Celebrates Carpatho-Rusyn Day
23 October 2022 Carpatho-Rusyn Society South Florida is celebrating Carpatho-Rusyn Day!
29 June 2022 50+ (Mostly) Free Essential Resources for Genealogy Research
08 September 2021 C-RS Virtual Series LET'S TALK RUSYN GENEALOGY "Travel to Ukraine”
15 August 2021 [EVENT CANCELLED] 8th Carpatho-Rusyn/Slavic Youngstown “Vatra”
11 August 2021 C-RS Virtual Series LET'S TALK RUSYN GENEALOGY "Ukraine Research - Hosted by Chris Babilya Black
14 July 2021 C-RS Virtual Series: “LET'S TALK RUSYN GENEALOGY” Tom Peters Returning
12 May 2021 C-RS Virtual Series: “LET'S TALK RUSYN GENEALOGY” Featuring Tom Peters
07 March 2021 Carpatho Rusyn Society Heritage Program
28 February 2021 Music From Eastern Slovakia
24 February 2021 Polish Genealogy Online - Portals and Databases
03 February 2021 Under the Onion Domes: Those Mysterious Carpatho-Rusyns!
09 January 2021 Czechoslovakia: Behind the Iron Curtain
30 August 2020 One World Day - 75th Anniversary
17 July 2020 Tour Croatian Museum - Lunch at Dubrovnik Garden Restaurant
11 June 2020 Webinar - Using DNA to Answer Real Research Questions
08 April 2020 Free Webinar - Decoding Social Security:Providing Benefits to Our Ancestors
29 March 2020 Easter Foods and Traditions
29 March 2020 Who are the Rusyns?
22 March 2020 The Gorals - Highlanders of Carpathia
08 March 2020 Who Are The Rusyns?
29 February 2020 Upcoming screenings of Воскресеніє народа – The Resurrection of a Nation & Who Are The Carpathgo-Rusyns
22 February 2020 THE EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY: The Eastern Europeans of Northeastern Pennsylvania
20 February 2020 THE EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY: The Eastern Europeans of Northeastern Pennsylvania
22 January 2020 Screening of the Documentary Film "Воскресеніє народа – The Resurrection of a Nation"
11 January 2020 Pacific Northwest Branch Social Gathering
27 December 2019 Carpatho-Rusyn Christmas Dinner and Party
15 December 2019 Christmas Carols (Koljady) and Christmas Eve Foods (Velija)
07 December 2019 St. Nicholas Is Coming To Town
25 November 2019 Event Test
23 November 2019 Winter in the Carpathian Mountains
17 November 2019 Pacific Northwest Branch Sponsors - The Resurrection of a People
16 November 2019 Western NC Branch honoring veteran’s with a presentation of "Our Flag Still Waves"
10 November 2019 Documentary “ The Velvet Revolution”
09 November 2019 Our Ancestors Immigration to America
03 November 2019 New Jersey Chapter's Annual Heritage Celebration Dinner
02 November 2019 Texans Touring the Carpatho-Rusyn Homeland
26 October 2019 C-RS Table - Rollin’ Around the ‘Burgh with Nutz N’at
20 October 2019 Cleveland Chapter General Meeting with Guest Speaker John Righetti
19 October 2019 Paul Valasek speaking on "Immigrant Steamships 1890-1950".
13 October 2019 Documentary Film "The Gorals - Highlanders of Carpathia"
12 October 2019 7th Annual Rusyn Genealogy & Heritage Conference & 10th Anniversary Celebration
11 October 2019 Documentary Film “The Resurrection of a Nation.”
08 September 2019 2019 Carpatho-Rusyn Heritage Tour Commentary and Photos
07 September 2019 Carpatho-Rusyn Vatra 2019
02 August 2019 25TH RUSYN FOOD FESTIVAL AUG 2-3
14 July 2019 Dining With Duchnovich
22 June 2019 Soul of the Carpathians
17 May 2019 Carpatho-Rusyn Society 25th Anniversary Announcement & Registration - Event Update
17 May 2019 Cleveland Tour May 17th, Tour Rusyn Sites in Cleveland
11 May 2019 Lake Michigan Chapter: Carpatho-Rusyn Eastern Slovakia Wooden Churches & Icons
09 May 2019 Meet & Greet - Share Your Rusyn Heritage
13 April 2019 Pacific Northwest Branch: Second Annual Pysanky Workshop
09 April 2019 Cleveland Chapter: Participating in Eastern European Congress of Ohio Dinner
07 April 2019 Cleveland Chapter: Sponoring "Who is Irena Nevicky?" - Story Told by Paul Burik
06 April 2019 New Jeresy Chapter: "On the Brink of Death - Notes froma Concentration Camp"
06 April 2019 Pysanky Workshop sponsored by Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter - Updated
10 March 2019 CARPATHO-RUSYN SOCIETY GREATER CHARLOTTE BRANCH: “The Soul of the Carpathians” DVD followed by a Pysanky Demonstration
10 March 2019 Cleveland Chapter: Rusyn Genealogy Session
03 March 2019 New England Branch: Presents Carpathian Villages What Do We Know, A Discussion
02 March 2019 Uncommon Valor: U.S. Soldiers of Iwo Jima (Honoring deceased Rusyn Marine Sgt. Michael Strank, and current Texas resident, Marine Corporal Don Gates.)
23 February 2019 FLORIDA Event #2: Presents “OUR FLAG STILL WAVES”
22 February 2019 FLORIDA Event #1: Presents “OUR FLAG STILL WAVES”
09 February 2019 Youngstown-Warren Chapter: Cofee and Bages with National C-RS President
26 January 2019 3rd Class: Old World Cooking Classes featuring Rusyn recipes with Old World Catering
12 January 2019 Lake Michigan Chapter: New Years Pot-Luck Luncheon
05 January 2019 Pacific Northwest Branch: Meet and Greet
27 December 2018 Carpatho-Rusyn Christmas Dinner and Party
16 December 2018 Cleveland Chapter: Kolodej, Food and Recipes for the Christmas Holidays
08 December 2018 C-RS FLORIDA BRANCH: December Meetings
02 December 2018 Pacific Norrhwest Branch: "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors"
01 December 2018 C-RS: St. Nicholas Party
25 November 2018 Eastern PA chapter: "Ethnic Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony"
17 November 2018 2nd Class: Old World Cooking Classes featuring Rusyn recipes with Old World Catering
11 November 2018 Youngstrown Chapter: Honoring our Veterans Film documentary on life of Sergeant Michael Strank "Our Flag Still Waves"
11 November 2018 Cleveland Chapter: “Our Flag Still Waves”
11 November 2018 FLORIDA BRANCH NOKOMIS “MINI-BRANCH”: Meet, greet, and learn more about our culture
10 November 2018 Lake Michigan Chapter: "Our Flag Still Waves"
04 November 2018 New Jersey Chapter: Annual Heritage Celebration Dinner
03 November 2018 Dallas chapter: "2018 Dallas Slavic Heritage Luncheon"
03 November 2018 FLORIDA BRANCH LEESBURG “MINI-BRANCH”: Meet, greet, and learn more about our culture
26 October 2018 Cleveland chapter: Celebrate the founding of the country of Czechoslovakia in 1918
21 October 2018 C-RS Annual National Meeting - Correction
14 October 2018 Youngstown-Warren: Fr. Marek Visnovsky present a program on ICONOLOGY
14 October 2018 National Capital Chapter: In the Hands of Superpowers: The Struggle of Subcarpathian Rusyns for a Place in the Family of European Nations
13 October 2018 Eastern PA Chapter: 6th Annual Rusyn Genealogy & Heritage Conference "In the Steps of Your Rusyn Roots"
06 October 2018 New Jersey Chapter: George Papawick "How One Man Changed Manville"
03 October 2018 New York Branch: New York’s “Little Bohemia” Its Culture/Its Library
30 September 2018 North Carolina Branch: Come meet our special guest, Magda Braun
16 September 2018 Cleveland Chapter: One World Day at Cleveland Cultural Gardens
15 September 2018 Youngstown chapter: Annual Vatra
15 September 2018 Youngstown Chapter's Annual Vatra
06 September 2018 Slavjane Folk Ensemble is holding an open meet and greet at the Carpatho-Rusyn Cultural Center
18 August 2018 Eastern PA Chapter: WOODEN CHURCHES OF THE RUSYNS
04 August 2018 New England Chapter: THALERHOF COMMEMORATION DAY- 2018
22 July 2018 Cleveland Chapter presents the 2nd annual "Dining with Duchnovich"
15 July 2018 Eastern PA Chapter - St Ann's Slavic Festival Participation
30 June 2018 NEW JERSEY CHAPTER: "The Origins of Carpatho-Rusyns. Are we Vikings or Cossacks?"
24 June 2018 Cleveland Chapter: The Differences and Similarities Between Rusyns and Slovaks
10 June 2018 C-RS President Emeritus John Righetti - Being Carpatho-Rusyn …its complicated!
31 May 2018 100th Anniversary of the Pittsburgh Agreement
20 May 2018 New England Chapter: What is the origin of our people?
13 May 2018 Savannah, GA Event: Presents Our Rusyn Identity
12 May 2018 Lake Michigan Chapter presents -EVEN TEARS WERE NOT ENOUGH- A Documentary by John Righetti and Maria Silvestri
12 May 2018 Slavjane Folk Ensemble in Concert May 12
29 April 2018 Cleveland Chapter: “Tips and Tricks on Using FamilySearch.org in Your Eastern European Genealogy Research”
29 April 2018 Youngstown/Warren/Sharon Chapter Sponsors: “Wooden Churches of Rusyn Areas In Eastern Europe”
28 April 2018 C-RS Dallas Chapter: "Painting Warhol"
26 April 2018 The Anna Donson Memorial Scholarship
20 April 2018 Inaugural Art Exhibit at Carpatho-Rusyn Cultural Center “Four Artists Walk Into a Church”
24 March 2018 Carpatho-Rusyn Society/ Pacific Northwest Branch Sponsored Pysanky Making Workshop.
18 March 2018 Meet and Greet with Bishop Milan Lach, SJ
03 March 2018 Dallas Chapter presents “Rusyns: A People Surviving With Changing Borders”
25 February 2018 Youngstown/Warren/Sharon Presents: Even Tears Were Not Enough
04 February 2018 Comparing the Genealogy Giants: Ancestry, Family Search, Findmypast and MyHeritage” by Sunny Morton
13 January 2018 Winter in the Carpathian Mountains - Sponsored by the C-RS Florida Branch
27 December 2017 Dallas Chapter: 4th Annual Carpatho-Rusyn Christmas Dinner & Party
27 December 2017 Carpatho-Rusyn Christmas Dinner and Party
09 December 2017 Carpatho-Rusyn Society Eastern Carolinas Branch - A Carpatho-Rusyn Christmas Season
02 December 2017 Traditional Rusyn Christmas Season
26 November 2017 Christmas in South Bethlehem – An Ethnic Experience
19 November 2017 Honoring our Veterans Film documentary on life of Sergeant Michael Strank "Our Flag Still Waves"
19 November 2017 Winter in the Carpathian Mountains
18 November 2017 Eastern PA Chapter Sponsored -“Tales of the Gubi”
15 November 2017 Eastern PA Chapter Sponsors "Andy and the Rusyns"
11 November 2017 Cleveland Chapter - Converting Many Forms of Media to Digital Format
05 November 2017 Annual Heritage Celebration Dinner - The John Mihalasky Award - Honoree: Richard Laychock
29 October 2017 C-RS Annual National Meeting
28 October 2017 Dallas Chapter Presents: Read and Write Rusyn
26 October 2017 CARPATHO-RUSYN DAY - Cleveland City Hall
19 October 2017 Eastern European Congress of Ohio Present by the Youngstown/Warren/Sharon Chapter
18 October 2017 Rusyn Historical Bus Tour of Pittsburgh
15 October 2017 Cleveland Chapter - Iconography
14 October 2017 "Carpatho-Rusyns: Traditional Magic in the Village"
30 September 2017 Even Tears Were Not Enough
30 September 2017 5th Annual Rusyn Genealogy and Heritage Conference
17 September 2017 Cleveland Chapter - Presentation on Vistula Operation
16 September 2017 The Pennsylvania Rusyn Experience
09 September 2017 Beginning Genealogy And Exploring Eastern European Ancestry
27 August 2017 One World Day
26 August 2017 Vatra Time in Ohio
23 July 2017 Dining With Duchnovich
17 June 2017 Nick Kupensky presents Father Kubek
10 June 2017 41st annual Slavjane Folk Ensemble Concert
03 June 2017 "Solid, Work-Hardened Slavs" Margaret Bourke-White’s Rusyn Photographs By Nick Kupensky
03 June 2017 The Vatra is Coming!!
07 May 2017 Introduction to the Cyrillic Alphabet by Paul Burik
05 May 2017 Slovaks and Rusyns: Differences and Similarities
22 April 2017 Paska to Pysanky – The Traditional Rusyn Easter Basket
21 April 2017 Andy Warhol: The Carpatho-Rusyn King of American Pop Art
09 April 2017 A Visit to the Presov region of the Carpathian Mountains
08 April 2017 Eastern European Month Celebration in Ohio
02 April 2017 Comparison & Contrast of Easter & traditions in Europe and US
25 March 2017 Winter in the Carpathians
25 March 2017 A Trip to the Homeland, presented by George Napuda
18 March 2017 Pysanky Classes for Adults and Children
11 March 2017 Pysanky Workshop
11 March 2017 NEW! C-RS “Coastal”
05 March 2017 Symbolism and History of Wooden Church Interior Architecture
25 February 2017 Soups’s On! – The Rusyn identity of Andy Warhol
25 February 2017 Uncovering & Publishing the History of PA's Carpatho-Rusyns
20 November 2016 Magic in the Carpathians: The Meaning and Function of Magic in the Lives of Our Ancestors
19 November 2016 Carpatho-Rusyn Society - 2016 Annual Meeting
12 November 2016 Genealogy and a Visit to Prešov
12 November 2016 Cooking Lesson in Parma - Traditional Christmas Foods
06 November 2016 C-RS New Jersey Chapter - Annual Dinner
05 November 2016 Let's Visit Prešov - Fort Mill, SC
30 October 2016 35th Annual Carpatho-Rusyn Celebration in Uniontown, PA
27 October 2016 Carpatho-Rusyn Meet & Greet in Seattle
22 October 2016 Genealogy Research in Cleveland
22 October 2016 4th Rusyn Genealogy and Heritage Conference
18 October 2016 Florida Branch - Let's Visit Presov
17 October 2016 C-RS Participation in the 16th Annual Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International Conference
09 October 2016 Carpatho-Rusyns: Myths and Stereotypes - A presentation by Paul Robert Magocsi
08 October 2016 Carpatho-Rusyns: Myths and Stereotypes - A presentation by Paul Robert Magocsi
08 October 2016 NC Branch - Bake, Take, and Freeze for the Holidays
07 October 2016 European Ukraine or Eurasian Russia - Presentation by Magocsi
02 October 2016 C-RS at Cleveland Museum of Art's 100th Anniversary
25 September 2016 New Jersey Chapter Presents St Michael’s Festival
24 September 2016 Church Commemorative Books: An Overlooked Genealogical Resource
24 September 2016 Colors of the Carpathians: Day Seminar
19 September 2016 Blessed Theodore Romzha Seminary Choir
18 September 2016 C-RS National Goals for the Present and Future
10 September 2016 Carpatho-Rusyn Booth at St. Ann International Day and Carnival
10 September 2016 4th Annual Youngstown/Warren/Sharon Chapter Rusyn/Slovak Picnic & Vatra (Bonfire)
28 August 2016 C-RS Cleveland Chapter at the 100th Anniversary of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens
05 August 2016 23rd Annual Rusyn Food Festival
30 July 2016 8th Annual Southwest Vatra Piknik
09 July 2016 C-RS Participation in Pittsburgh Bicentennial Parade
09 July 2016 Carpatho-Rusyn Society at the Youngstown State University Festival of Arts
18 June 2016 Carpatho-Rusyn Society at Simply Slavic
16 June 2016 Cemeteries, Tombstones, and More
11 June 2016 40th Annual Slavjane Folk Ensemble Concert
06 June 2016 On This Day: Play Festival - Sponsored by Theatre Britain
04 June 2016 The American Dukhnovych: The Life and Work of Emil Kubek
28 May 2016 Carpatho-Rusyn Wooden Churches of Eastern Europe
21 May 2016 Pittsburgh-Style Oldies
21 May 2016 Interactive Genealogy Workshop
15 May 2016 Screening of "Changed by Thalerhof"
03 May 2016 Sing-along with Jerry Jumba

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