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surname Hero

  • 05 October 2022 8:27 AM
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    Is this a given name or a surname?  The more information that you provide, the better.

    Tom Peters

  • 05 October 2022 2:38 AM
    Reply # 12943041 on 12942542





    You can also go to CISARIK.COM.  Search for surnames in major cities.  He lists surname from 2005 Slovakia phone book.  Also lists surname from 1715 Austria Hungarian Census.

    When searching for names in Hummene, I used CTRL + F to search for your four surnames listed above.  ONLY KERO showed up.

    I assume you are searching for ancestors born in Slovakia.  Forebears works for all current countries, but not past countries like those in Austria Hungary.

    CISARIK.COM is exclusively for Slovakia today, but he has names of villages for the past.  He also has names of marriages from 1865 to 1895.

    Using CTRL + F for the surnames that begin with letter "K" I found three entries for KIRALY.  All in Michalove (I think this was meant to be Michalovce).

    If you took a DNA test, you can search GEDmatch.com for surnames of people that have put their GEDCOM (Family Tree) files on GEDmatch.  I added both my DNA test and GEDCOM from Ancestry.  That is my primary family tree.  I also have a tree on My Heritage.  Uploaded that to GEDmatch as well.

    WOW! Searching GEDmatch for GEDCOM surnames with KIRA or KIRO AND birthplace SLOVAKIA shows hundreds of entries.  You should join GEDmatch and research yourself.

    Basic membership is free with email registration.  I also subscribe to TIER1.  It is $10 monthly.  Can be turned on and off as needed.  I highly recommend taking a DNA test before joining GEDmatch.  They also have the DNA LEMKO project group to check for matches. 

    ALL GEDmatch members provide email address to contact them.

    Hope my info helps.  Feel free to ask for more details.  DGMILLERZ@OUTLOOK.COM.

  • 04 October 2022 3:40 PM
    Message # 12942542

    Ancestor used names Kira, Kiro, and eventually Kero. I find nothing like that in my searches though the name Kiral is somewhat common in Galicia. Can anybody be of assistance?

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