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  R u s y n   H o m e l a n d   F u n d

    The Carpatho-Rusyn Society, through its Rusyn Homeland Fund supported by donations from its members, has provided financial support:

    • to help the Rusyn newspaper in Slovakia continue publishing;
    • to provide an exhibit of Rusyn history and cultural life in Slovakia at the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava, Slovakia;
    • to provide maps of the Rusyn settlement in east central Europe for distribution on Slovakia to educate Rusyns there about their heritage;
    • to support a Rusyn choir in Ukraine which preserves ancient Rusyn folk songs;
    • to keep the Museum of Lemko Culture in Zyndranova, Poland running;
    • to provide educational programs in Rusyn villages in Slovakia and Ukraine
    • to support 12 Rusyn schools in Transcarpathia, Ukraine, where children learn Rusyn language and culture