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    G E O R G I A  B R A N C H 


    Traditional  Rusyn Christmas  Season

    Saturday, December 2, 2017, 10:00-12:30

    St. Elizabeth Social Hall

    2263 East Cherokee Drive

    Woodstock, GA

    Come experience the Christmas season the way our ancestors did. It will provide a different and less stressful approach to the holidays! A special St. Nicholas program for children ages 5-12 will take place at the same time with stories and crafts.

    Afterwards, Father Dutko will lead us in traditional Rusyn kolady (Christmas carols) and we will conclude the day with a Moleben to St. Nicholas.


    Light refreshments served - Donations gratefully accepted.

    Reservations are needed for children.

    Please respond with name and age to one of the following:

    Barbara Kruse,

    Shelly Sudia,

    Bonnie Burke, 440 729-2045