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    The Carpatho-Rusyn Society is Proud to Announce

    Learn to start reading, writing, and speaking the Rusyn language in the context of Carpatho-Rusyn history, culture, and traditions.
    This entry-level, self-study course was developed specifically to give English speakers an easy-to-use way to start learning and using the Rusyn language. Students can use the course independently or groups can get together to study and learn. 339 pages.

      • Nearly 1,500 Rusyn words and expressions with transliterated spellings and English translations
      • Step-by-step Rusyn language lessons to study on your own and learn at your own pace
      • Numerous exercises to practice reading, writing, and speaking Rusyn
      • Audio CD recorded by native Rusyns to demonstrate correct pronunciation
      • Variety of passages, poetry, and prose in Rusyn to study sentence structure
      • Lots of photos and illustrations
      • Self-checks and word games to measure your progress and identify trouble spots needing attention
      • Interesting new content about the Carpatho-Rusyns, their history and culture
      • Rusyn alphabet written in Cyrillic letters, both printed and cursive
      • Bookmark with Rusyn alphabet for quick reference
      • Applicable for all Rusyn dialects (variants)
      • Details about Rusyn Christmas and Easter traditions and foods
      • Practice in singing traditional Rusyn songs
      • Popular Rusyn male and female names and common surnames with corresponding names
      in English

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