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  G e n e a l o g y  Q u e r i e s

    A privilege of membership in the Carpatho-Rusyn Society is the offer of free publication of detailed genealogy queries. Queries submitted by members are published in the New Rusyn Times and will also appear on the C-RS Web site. Queries should include the name(s) of the Rusyn ancestors you are researching, what village(s) in Europe they came from (if you know), when they settled in North America and where, and any other relevant data you wish to include.

    Please state the specific question(s) you are seeking to have answered--e.g., if you are seeking descendants, if you want to find siblings of your immigrant ancestors who settled somewhere else in North America, specific records you need, etc.

    Be sure to include your preferred means of being contacted: e-mail, your home address, or your home phone number.
    Queries received will be considered for publication. Queries accepted for publication will appear in the New Rusyn Times in the order in which they were received, space permitting. They will be appear on the C-RS Web site as soon as they are approved.