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  G e n e a l o g y  Q u e r i e s

    The following queries have been submitted by
    C-RS members and published in the New Rusyn Times.

            MIMA: Seeking info on the family MIMA from Vyslik Velykŷj / Wisłok Wielki, Sjanok County (now in southeastern Poland). My grandfather Daniel MIMA was born there, but he was resettled as a result of Akcja Wisła in 1947 ˆ some people went to Ukraine in 1945-46, others were resettled in Poland in 1947. In Komanča there was a lady whose married name was MIMA, but she passed away many years ago. In Vyslik there were two MIMA families. I'd like to know to which of these families belongs a Mr. Peter Myma, a photographer in Chicago, if anyone might know him. If anyone has contacts with this family, please write to me, Alex Mima, by e-mail at
    [posted: September 2007]

            BELEJ, SEVCSIK: Seeking any information on John/Joannes BELEJ/BELLEJ or Maria SEVCSIK from Porač, Spiš County, now in eastern Slovakia. They were married in St. Stephen's Greek Catholic Church in Leisenring, Pa. (Fayette Co.), around 1892-94 or so; I'm not sure when they came to the U.S. They moved to Brownsville around 1900. I've lost track of them after they left St. Stephen's Church. I'm trying to find any information on where they attended church after St. Stephen's and where they are buried. Are there records for St. Stephen's available anywhere? Please contact Brian Bailey by e-mail at  .
    [posted: September 2007]

            KOWALCHYK, FEDORCHAK: Seeking info on Martha KOWALCHYK from Stavša/Stawisza, Grybov County, and Asafat FEDORCHAK from Ripkyn/Ropki, Gorlyci County, both in the Lemko Region of Galicia. Contact Martha Clymer, Box 328, Aurora NY 13026-0328 or e-mail
    [posted: September 2007]

            SYMCHESKO, PIRICH, SOPKO, HROJKO, CHUKOLA, HRISKO: Seeking info on my paternal grandparents, Feodor SYMCHESKO and Juliana PIRICH; great grandmother was probably a GELES; all from Chudl’ovo, Už County near Užhorod. They settled in Minersville, Pa., then Linden, N.J. (1929). Also need info on my maternal grandparents, John SOPKO and Mary HROJKO; also surnames CHUKOLA and HRISKO, all from Slavkovce, Zemplyn County, now okres Michalovce, Slovakia.   They settled in the Allentown, Pa. area, then moved to Tarentum, Pa.  Contact Father Edward Semko, St. Elias Byzantine Catholic Church, 42 Cooke Ave., Carteret NJ  07008-3043 or e-mail

            TRETINIK: Has anyone had success researching marriage, birth, death, etc., records in the Zakarpatska oblast of Ukraine?  My grandmother TRETINIK was from Dubrovka/Dubrivka, Už/Ung County,southeast of Užhorod.  Her Ellis Island record said she was from Seredn’oje/Serednje, which was very near her village and she may have been working there.  Are there any records microfilmed by the LDS Library?  I paid a researcher a small deposit sum but have found nothing.  I did see Dubrovka records that were microfilmed but they were from Slovakia.  Any suggestions will be much appreciated.  Contact Andrea Leone at

            HALIK: Seeking info on my ancestors with surnames HALIK (from Legnava, Šaryš County) and SEMCHISAK (from Andreivka/Andrzejwka, Novyj Sanč County, Galicia).  My grandfather Petro Halik and grandmother Helen Semchisak came to the U.S. approx. 1906 and settled in Patton, Pa., then moved to Newark, N.J.  I think they were married in the U.S.  I have the 1869 census for Legnava which shows Haliks and I assume they were my great- and great-great grandparents.  Grandfather Petro had brothers John, Michael, and Louis.  Do not know of sisters or siblings for my grandmother. Contact Marilyn (Halik) DeBalfo, 7 Primrose Crossing, Myerstown, PA 17067 or e-mail

            IWANIW, CZUPILOWSKA, SLAWYCZ, HRYCUNIAK: Seeking any info on surnames IWANIW, CZUPILOWSKA, SLAWYCZ, HRYCUNIAK (spelling obtained from church records) from Bybka/B��brka, Litovyšči/Lutowiska and Žuraven/Zurawin in Lisko County, Galicia, in the Bojko region of southeast Poland.  I'd like information on these villages and surnames. My grandfather, Fedio IWANIW, born 1887, joined the Austro-Hungarian military, then immigrated to the U.S. in 1914.  Need info in locating and obtaining his military records.  Fenia SLAWYCZ, born 1889, immigrated in 1921.  Both settled in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  I have church records from Litovyšči dated 1935, obtained by my ancestors to apply for citizenship.  Contact Lisa Iwaniw Froze, 4601 County St., Portsmouth VA 23707 or e-mail

            PAN: I, Jan PAN, b. Feb. 16, 1938 in Tokajik, Zemplyn County (now okres Stropkov) in Slovakia, am seeking my American cousins.  Before the end of WWI the siblings (Marija Panova, b. August 10, 1888 and Mychal Pan, b. August 15, 1890) of my father, Petro Pan (b. May 3, 1900), left for the USA.  I received $10 from them twice every year on the holidays; the address was something like Kir Stephen Brok, Beaver PA 321 USA; I don't know if the 321 is correct. I wish to reestablish contact with the descendants of Marija and Mychal. Contact Jan Pan, Tokajik 8, 090 34 okr. Stropkov, Slovak Republic.

            KOSUT: If anyone should stumble upon the gravesite of my great-grandfather, Feodor KOSUT (or KOSHUTA or KOSSUTH or...), could you please tell me where it is?  By piecing together family stories and from documents I have found in my genealogy search, I believe he died sometime between 1910 and 1919 in central Pennsylvania.   He was born in 1859 in Vylagŷ, Zemplyn County (now Svetlice, Slovakia). My sister believes she remembers my father saying Feodor was buried in St. Mary's (Elk County), Pa., but since that is turning up nothing, I wonder whether it could have been somewhere else, at a "St. Mary's" Cemetery or Church.  I believe I have found him in the 1910 US census for Conemaugh Township, Cambria County, PA.  However, Grandview Cemetery in Johnstown has no record of him.  A volunteer has walked through the cemetery affiliated with St. Mary's Byzantine/Greek Catholic Church on Power St. in Johnstown for me, but could not read the Cyrillic gravestones, which I believe he would have. The priest at this St. Mary's searched his records, and also didn't find Feodor.  Feodor has descendants in Binghamton, NY and Ambridge in western Pa., but he is not believed to be buried in either of those communities.  Pa. Vital Statistics does not have a record of his death between 1910 & 1919, which I believe may be explained if he died during the big flu epidemic.  I do not know whether he tried to anglicize his name to "Frank" or "Theodore", but that is a possibility. Thank you for any information or suggestions you can provide; please contact C-RS member Elaine Evans by mail at 295 Waterford Way, Athens GA 30606 or by e-mail at

            PRINCZ: I am looking for information on my paternal grandmother's family: spelled variously, PRINCZ, SPRENTZ, PRINCE, and from the area of Humenné, Zemplyn County, present-day Slovakia to S��toralja��jhely, Zemplyn County, present-day Hungary. My grandmother, daughter of Josep Princz, was born in Humenné, but her uncle Mikal (sp?) Sprentz was from S��toralja��jhely. Both migrated through Newark, NJ to points in Ohio, especially Dayton and Columbus. My grandmother's mother was a MASLEJ (spelled MOSELY in the U.S.), and she had a sister in Philadelphia. I would love to correspond with anyone who may shed some light on this family group.  Contact C-RS member Larry Jean by e-mail at

            ONDERKO/ADDERTY: I am the grandson of Vasil and Mary (MIKLOS) ONDERKO, whose name became, in this country, William and Mary ADDERTY, and who settled in Sharon, Pa.  Mary Onderko had two half-brothers, Michael and John IHNAT who lived in Homestead, Pa.  Michael Ihnat was a delegate to the 1922 national congress of Rusyns in America.  His organizational affiliation was the Greek Catholic Union (GCU). She was a founding member of St. Michael Byzantine Catholic Church in Farrell/Hermitage, Pa. I would like to learn where in eastern Slovakia they came from, and if any of her half-brothers' families still exist. Contact C-RS member Rod S. Davenport, 3 Rodgers Drive, Los Lunas NM 87031 or e-mail

            FIRMENT, KARAFA: I am looking for information on the town or village of Dzurko in former Šaryš County (as it is listed on my grandmother’s 1898 baptismal certificate).  It is now called Ďurková and is located near the town of Plaveč in Stará L’ubovňa district/okres.  In the past it was also called Gyurko, Djurkow, Jurkow, and Dzurkow.  However, I am unable to find any of these names on settlement maps.  My great-grandparents, Steven FIRMENT and Susanna KARAFA, emigrated from Ďurková around 1892 and lived in Armstrong and Jefferson Counties in west-central Pennsylvania.  I am looking for birth, marriage, or census records from this village.  Contact Lisa Priolisi (C-RS, Cleveland, OH) by e-mail at

            OLEJNIK: My grandmother was Marija OLEJNIK.  Her records say say she was born in "Velykyj Bridok" (this may be a sound alike name), Galicia, now Ukraine.  She emigrated to the United States from Chlebowice, Poland, which is west of Warsaw.  Obviously she was transported to that spot from somewhere in Galicia/Ukraine.  She emigrated in approximately 1910 and her sister emigrated in 1914.  Does anyone know of a mass forced migration that would have moved my ancestors this great distance? Also, I can't find “Velykyj Bridok”--does anyone know where this town is? And last question, anyone know of the surname Olejnik? Contact C-RS member Jerome Kaven at 2122 Blue Wing Drive, Johnstown, CO 80543 or e-mail

            BELEJ, SEVCSIK: Seeking info on a John BELEJ or Mari SEVCSIK originally from Porač, Spiš County.  They had 4 children: Mary, Sophie, Nicolai and Michael.  Family was in the Uniontown, Leisenring, Republic, Orient, and Brownfield, Pennsylvania areas in late 1890s/early 1900s.  Any info on these people or the family names of BELEJ and SEVCSIK/ŠEFČIK is appreciated.  Contact C-RS member Brian Bailey, 21 Buckingham Way, Bedford NH 03110 or e-mail

            GUL'A, PANIK, KIZAK, BLANAR, UNDLYA, DUDA, ROMANECZ, CHUDIK/HUDIK, KRIVONYAK, GULYASSY, BONDRA, RIBOVICS, SZEREDA, BJEGALA, CSOMA, GOJDICS, DUCAR: Researching the following names: GULLA/GUL'A from Krajnja Bystra, Šaryš County; PENICK/PANIK from ?; Helen KIZAK from ? who married my great-grandfather Stephan BLANAR who was from Bukovce/Bukivci, Zemplyn County; KUNDLYA, DUDA, ROMANECZ, CHUDIK/HUDIK, KRIVONYAK, GULYASSY, BONDRA, RIBOVICS, SZEREDA, BJEGALA, CSOMA from Jakubjany/Jakubany, Spiš County; GOJDICS from Bukivci/Bukovce, Zemplyn County; DUCAR/DUCZAR from Hinkivci/Hunkovce, Šaryš County.  Contact C-RS member Eveline M Blanar, 234 Charles NE, Warren OH 44483 or e-mail

            MATUS: I am researching my maternal grandparents.  Vasily/Charles MATUS/MATUSCH and Maria/Mary LENGYEL both from the village of Ivanovci (Bereg County) now in Ukraine; also family KASINEC.  Vasily and Mary lived most of their life in Monongahela, PA.  Vasily came to the U.S. in May 1907 and Mary came in October 1908.   My grandmother's house # was 165 in Ivanovci.  I’d like to get in touch with someone that has visited Ivanovci and could give information about the village.  I would like to write a letter to the house number where my grandmother lived, because as late as 1989 there was a relative that wrote to them. Also seeking any photos of the village that I could get made from negatives (I will return the negatives to you).  Contact C-RS member Jacky Basl Wetzel, 10300 US Hwy 98 N, Lot 1526, Lakeland FL 33809 or e-mail

            SANDOR, HAJDUK, KMETZ: Seeking information on grandparents Simon SANDOR (c1870-1904) came from in or near Baranynci, Už County (now Ukraine). He emigrated to Vance's Mill, Pa. (north of Uniontown) c1900-1903 with his wife Elizabeth (HAJDUK) Sandor and his 10 year-old son Gregory. He worked in the coal mines. Another son Paul (William's father) was born in Vance's Mill, Pa. in 1904. Simon died sometime around Paul's birth while attending a wedding.  Elizabeth (HAJDUK) SANDOR KMETZ (c1870-1913) married Michael KMETZ shortly after the death of her husband Simon SANDOR (c1904). She lived with Michael and her younger son Paul. They had no children together. In 1913, Elizabeth died of gangrene poisoning from a cut she received on a tree stump. We assume Elizabeth's death took place in Vance's Mill, Pa. Michael remarried a widow with several children. Paul later moved to Lorain, OH in 1918 to live with his brother Gregory. We have visited the local Byzantine Catholic churches, courthouses libraries & cemeteries in the area but have not been able to find any record of them. If anyone from that area of Pa. knew anyone by the name of SANDOR or KMETZ, please contact William & Geraldine Sandor, 2817 Meister Road, Lorain, OH 44053 or e-mail

            I wish to set up a “Rusyn Villages Under the Dukla” Website, with photos, village histories, family/genealogical information, etc. for these villages of the Svidnyk region of old Šaryš County: Vyšnij Komarnyk, Nyžnij Komarnyk, Krajnja Poljana, Bodrudžal, Prykra, Myrolja, Pstryna, Sucha, Krajnja Bystra, Korejivci, Krajnja Porubka, Hinkivci, Ladomyrova, and Krajnje Čorne, and the villages just over the border of old Krosno County: Barvinok, Tylova, and Zyndranova.  If you wish to help plan the site and/or contribute information, please contact C-RS member Rich Custer, 1234 Massachusetts Ave., NW #512, Washington DC 20005-4535 or e-mail   A starter page is online at

            DRAN, HOMIK, NESTER, SIRY, SLOTA, KOTLAR, WDOWIAK, WARCHOLYK: Seeking information on the following surnames and villages: DRAN, HOMIK/CHOMYK, NESTER from Svjatkova Velyka, Jaslo County (now Swiatkowa Wielka in southeast Poland) who settled in the Hazleton, Pa. area in the 1890s. SZIRY/SIRY, SZLOTTA/SLOTA from Hrabovcik, Sarys County (now in eastern Slovakia) who settled in Plymouth, Pa. in the 1890s. KOTLAR/KOTLARZ, WDOWIAK, WARCHOLYK from Dudynci, Sjanok County (now Dudynce, southeast Poland) who settled in the Breslau suburb of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. about 1911. I would be glad to share information I have accumulated. Contact C-RS member Gloria Elston, e-mail:

            TERPAK, KOVACH: Interested in hearing from descendants of George TERPAK and Elizabeth KOVACH, both born in Packan'ovo (former Bereg County, Austria-Hungary) now in Zakarpatska Oblast of Ukraine. They lived in Scranton, Pa., Leechburg, Pa., and since about 1917 in Pittsburgh (South Side). Have much genealogical information and would like to share. Contact C-RS member Tom Peters, e-mail:

            YURKOWSKY, DUBOWCHIK, GUZY, SMARSH, OLENICH, PELAK, FIL, CYPULA, DANILO, ROZDILSKY, HONCHAK, KRASINOWSKY, SERNIAK, KLIMASH, HADZINSKY, WASYLEC: Researching family members from the villages of Peregrymka [Pielgrzymka], Klopitnycja [Klopotnica], and Volja Ceklynska [Wola Cieklinska], Jaslo County, Galicia now in the Jaslo area of southeastern Poland. I have many records from these villages from the 1780s to 1900 that I obtained in Poland. I would be happy to share this information with anyone searching for ancestors in these villages. The names that I am researching in those villages are YURKOWSKY, DUBOWCHIK, GUZY, SMARSH, OLENICH, PELAK, FIL, CYPULA, DANILO, ROZDILSKY, HONCHAK, KRASINOWSKY, SERNIAK, KLIMASH, HADZINSKY and WASYLEC. I would also like to start a website for these villages with photos, stories and records. If anyone has been to these villages or has any information about them I would love to hear from you. Contact C-RS member Maryann Dubowchik Bacsik at 40 Morningside Circle, Little Falls NJ 07424, or by e-mail at

            HRYCENKO: Seeking any information on the village from which my grandfather's family immigrated to Alden Station, PA, circa 1888. My grandfather, Peter HRYCENKO, born 1871, in Prybyshiv (Przybyszow), Sjanok County, Galicia. Cadastral records of 1787 show that the Hrycenko family resided there. Whom can I contact to review these records or the church records? My grandfather indicated on the 1910 USA census that he was Ruthenian. Contact C-RS member Peter J. Hrycenko at 567 N Main St, Plains PA 18705, or by e-mail at

            RUSIN, FRANCZAK, HARAHUC, TRETINIK, SPONTAK: Seeking information on RUSIN/RUSSIN family from Habura (Zemplyn County), Slovakia; FRANCZAK/FRENCHAK and HARAHUC/HARAHUS families from Vyslik, Sjanok County [Wislok, Poland], and TRETINIK and SPONTAK families from Dubrovka, Vovkovoje, Seredn'oje and Uzhhorod in Zakarpatska Oblast of Ukraine. Would appreciate any information at all on these families. Contact C-RS member Andrea Leone by e-mail at

            Do you have Rusyn roots in Vylagy, Zemplyn County (now Svetlice, Slovakia)? The LDS church (Mormons) microfilmed the birth, marriage, and death records from St. Dymytrij the Great-Martyr Greek Catholic Church in Vylagy~ from 1779-1910. I’ve been reading them for several months and will e-mail or snail mail “how-to” notes to anyone with Vylagy~ ancestors to help you order and read the microfilm. I found my grandparents, most great-grandparents, and some great-great-grandparents. Amazing! Contact C-RS member Robin:

            I am getting started on a data base for all the descendants of the Rusyn Greek Catholic and Orthodox priests' families. My ultimate aim is to have a reunion/meeting. If you can provide such information or are yourself a descendant, please contact C-RS member Tom Petrick, 3104 McClellan Drive, Greensburg, PA 15601.

            On my last visit to Losje (Losie), Novyj Sanc County in the Lemko Region of Poland, I happened to meet the two female Administrators of the school in Labova, which serves the entire area (including Losje, Nova Ves, etc.). These women were extremely kind and helpful, even offering to investigate names of my relatives who may have moved back to the Losje area.

    One of these women has already published a book on Labova and is in the process of writing one on the history of the Lemkos in the area. I showed her a family picture I had that was taken in Losje in the late 1800s. She was very excited and asked for my permission to use it in her book. She would be delighted to receive any other pictures or information. If you have any old pictures or information you might like to contribute, it may be a way for you to obtain information about your ancestors or their descendants in return.

    These women don't speak English. They refused any payment for their help, so I offered to send books written in English for their students (grades K-12). If you would be interested in participating in any of this, please contact me -- C-RS member Nancy Revak,

            LAZORISHCHAK: T.R. Lazorishak (C-RS, Colorado Springs, CO) is seeking information about his grandfather's village of Maniv [now Maniow], former Lisko County in southeast Poland. His grandfather Fedor LAZORISHCHAK (1895-1978) settled in Pennsylvania and considered himself a Lemko. Maniv, supposedly destroyed in World War II, is located on the Slovakia/Poland border. Anyone with old photos from the village or other historical information may contact him at 30 Boulder Crescent #300, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.

            PROKOPICS, SUSKO: John Zuban (C-RS, Frackville, PA) is seeking information about the sister of Anna and Mary PROKOPICS. She was born in Sucha, Sarys County to Stefan and Julianna (SUSKO) PROKOPICS. She emigrated to Fredericktown, Pa. in Washington County. She may have belonged to St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church in Brownsville, Pa. Her married name may begin with an M and sound like Matalavage (?).

            DRANSCHAK: Joseph Dranschak (C-RS, Vandalia, OH) asks if any members have been to the villages of Osadne [formerly Telepivci, Zemplyn County] and Rokytov pri Humennom [formerly Zbud'skyj Rokytiv and Humen'skyj Rokytiv, Zemplyn County] in Slovakia or taken any videos there. He'd also like to contact members doing research on families from these villages and find out if there are DRANSCHAK family name members still living in or near the villages. Contact him at 1328 Cornish Drive, Vandalia, OH 45377-1611 or

            SKOWRONEK, JARSEMBIAK: Seeking information on my relatives who came from Virchovnja Velyka (now: Wierchomla Wielka), Novyj Sanc County, Galicia, now southeast Poland. My mother's name was Kataryna JARSEMBIAK and my father's name was Stefan SKOWRONEK. They settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota about 1910. My father was born about 1885 and my mother in 1896. Mother often mentioned a church named Saint Barbara. Contact: Catherine J. Coley, 3442 Creek River Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89129.


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