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    Y o u n g s t o w n - W a r r e n - S h a r o n   C h a p t e r

    Sergei Parajanov's
    Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

    Sunday, October 29, 2006
    1 p.m.

    The Butler Institute of American Art  
    Wick Ave. Youngstown, Ohio

    The film is free and the parking is also free.

    A classic feature film (1964) about a love affair between people of
    hostile families set in the 1800s among the Hutsuls in the eastern

    In a Carpathian village, Ivan falls in love with Marichka, the daughter of his father's killer. When tragedy befalls her, his grief lasts months; finally he rejoins the colorful life around him, marrying Palagna. She wants children but his mind stays on his lost love. To recapture his attention, Palagna tries sorcery, and in the process comes under the spell of the sorcerer, publicly humiliating Ivan, who then fights the sorcerer. The lively rhythms of village life, the work and the holidays, the pageant and revelry of weddings and funerals, the change of seasons, and nature's beauty give proportion to Ivan's tragedy.