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    C L E V E L A N D   C H A P T E R  


    Decades before Auschwitz there was Thalerhof.

    While the words "concentration camp" are associated almost exclusively with the Nazis and World War II, the development of the idea of a concentration camp, in Europe, was piloted by the Austrian government in the town of Graz in 1914, 25 years before Auschwitz-Birkenau, Dachau and other such sites in World War II. 2014 was the 100th anniversary of this tragic event.

    Come and hear the accounts of Thalelrhof from the creators of this documentary, John Righetti and Maria Silvestri. Together John and Maria will bring to life the events of this tragic incident where Carpatho-Rusyns were interned for "being unreliable during war time" and could be "sold" for 300 crowns with few questions asked about the validity of the accusations.

    If your ancestors come from Galicia or were considered Lemko, this is part of your family's history. Were any of your ancestors involved at Thalerhof? Come and see if we get the answer to that question.

    For more information, call (440) 331-3856.